A Reflection on the Five-Day Trip to Beijing during the Winter Season

White Holiday

Living in a tropical country like the Philippines makes me wonder how is life in other countries with four seasons. I am especially interested about what happens during winter because of my fascination of snow. That is why when I first found out about our five-day trip to Beijing, I got thrilled when I heard we would go in December which would have a winter season. That was five years ago when I would finally experience snow. What made me more excited is that I would be seeing the beauty of Beijing with my own eyes. When we arrived there, we knew that it would be cold but we did not expect that it would be freezing cold to the point that we could barely feel our hands and feet.

The temperature was negative. Since it was already night when we arrived, we just went straight to the hotel and slept. We woke up early in the morning so we could make the most of our day. The weather was a little bit more tolerable than last night but it was still chilly. The first place that we went to was the Temple of Heaven. It was a place where emperors Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty held the Heaven Worship Ceremony. It is also the largest most complete existing imperial sacrificial building complex in China.

The outstanding architectural design really captured my attention. To get to the main temple was definitely worth the long walk. In the next day, since we have learned from our mistake and knew how cold it would be outside, we wore multiple layers of clothing before going out. We went to the Great Wall of China which is well known for its great history. It was built by Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of China, to protect the Chinese states and empires from invasions.

Aside from its historical significance, it is generally recognized for its impressive architectural grandeur which made it to the list of New 7 Wonders of the World. The whole Great Wall could not be seen clearly because of the fog but its beauty still didn’t fail to mesmerize me. Although we were not able to go far due to extreme coldness, it was still a fun experience to remember and probably one of the highlights of our trip. During our third day, we walked to go to Forbidden City and since it was just a walking distance from the hotel.

We were disheartened when we found out that it was closed. We could have seen the largest ancient palatial structure in the world but luck was not on our side. We just decided to go back to the hotel since the weather has also gotten colder. Later that afternoon, we walked around downtown and saw the Beijing National Stadium which serves as the main venue of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. It is also known as Bird’s Nest because of its resemblance to a lattice of twigs. One of my favorite parts of our trip was when we went to Beijing Zoo.

It is home to around 450 different species and has a population of some 5,000 animals. What made the zoo special for me is the panda which is also their most popular attraction. It was my first time to see a real panda up close. They were so adorable and look so fluffy. If only I could then I would have gone inside and hugged them. I wasn’t able to remember all the places that we’ve been but I am certain that I had fun during the entire trip. We were not able to go to many places because of the cold weather. That was when I realized why many people who live in four season countries hate winter. For them, snow is just a nuisance.

In order to go outside, you have to wear several layers of clothes. That is why sometimes they don’t bother to go out anymore. I remembered when we were on our way to our destination, we have seen a minor car accident due to slippery of road. I somehow understood what they feel because it is harder to drive on a road covered with snow. I also tried making a snow man but it was not easy as how it seemed to be in television. We just learned a lesson—not to visit a country during winter.

Especially if you are not the type of person who cannot handle a very cold weather. But we still did not regret it because experiencing snow was really one of the reasons why we went there. It was really cold but it would not stop me from thinking that snow is beautiful. And that was how our white holiday went. 

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