A Praise for my Teachers

When I like a teacher I would do a lot of thing for him or her. The teacher don’t necessarily have to be good looking or nice, he or she can be as ugly or fat as possible. The teacher just have to be respectful to me and gives extra help. I just hate those teachers that denies after school helps, a ride home under serious condition, ignores uncertain questions, and refuse to have any personal talks.

I had this math teacher in 7th that was like that, she ignores all my questions including math questions. Maybe its because of my annoying behaviors and my lack of English skill. I asked her for a after school tutoring becaue I was having a C- in that class, then she said “I only get paid for teaching in class, not after school. But if you really need tutoring, just look through your book or the notes you took in class!”.

In 6th grade I had this teacher that was exacly opposite of my math teacher, her name is Ms. She gave me a lot of after school tutoring and we sometimes chat on-line, she even invited me to Burger King once. I did a lot of sweet things for her, like cleaning the class room after school. At first it was for the extra credit, but after a few times I start to like it. I also corrected homeworks for her, only math because I didn’t speak a lot of English back then. I had almost all A’s in her class because I liked that class, if I like a class I will do good in it, like my computer class in school right now.

I could have done more things for her, like cleaning her car, invite her over for dinner, or even find her a husband. She had a devorce when she was around 40, main reason was because of her look and body. She was around 200 Lbs. and she is not a very attractive woman. I will do all that because she is kind to me, knows my progress in class, and I will do the same if I have another teacher like her.

But I can’t complete these things because she died at the age of 44 a year ago in a car accident. I didn’t go to her funeral because I wasn’t invited by her family. After that incident I lost my smile, to find my smile again I will have to do what she wanted me to do, which is haveing a good future. Thats why I started to work harder and harder to make her proud in heaven.

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