A Brief Biography of Gandhi an Idol of Teamwork, Leadership and Faith

Gandhi: Idol Of Teamwork, Leadership, And Faith.

Gandhi was a man who possessed three distinct qualities that every successful leader can testify to as invaluable. First, he could proclaim his message to a crowd of thousands as if he were speaking to each individual one on one. Gandhi had an incendiary sense and talent of communication which set him above everyone else. Second, Gandhi had humility. He was one of the masses; he humbled himself to the level of the common man. People relate more to someone that shares in their daily struggle. Lastly, the great man never gave up faith. From his early years, to the day he died, Gandhi followed the Satyagraha, his campaign of peaceful, nonviolent civil disobedience. The goal was ever present in his life.

Trust is the most important element of a team, without it nothing happens. Gandhi understood this principle, and implemented it in three ways. He was consistent, he treated everyone (including himself) the same, he gave credit to the people for his successes and took the blame for their losses. As a result of this, Gandhi was called mahatma or great soul.

Gandhi was a leader not only from his talents and faith, but also his accomplishments; it is these victories that made him creditable. Some examples were his salt march, his protest of the marriage law, and his persistent attacks on British colonialism. His words got the peoples attention; his triumphs got their allegiance.

A Japanese proverb states, If he works for you, you work for him. Gandhi proved this statement by creating unity between him and his people. He humbled himself in many ways. He wore the same clothes as the common man, he fasted and starved along side the people on the street, and he saw the fundamental role of cohesiveness as the key to a teams success.

Conflict was dealt with in a methodic way. Communication was the first step. Gandhi proclaimed the issues that built up to the conflict; he made certain that everyone knew what was going on. He then, with the help of others, came up with several possible solutions. Finally, he chose an option that best benefited the team and that best built towards his goal, the Satyagraha. Conflict fed Gandhis power, the more he overcame, the more the people believed in, and followed him.

Gandhi had several PVGs throughout his life. One could break it down into many battles in the war of his existence, his career as a lawyer, his family, the salt struggle, his faith, his country at war, the marriage laws, the imprisonment, or the British; however, to generalize, everything he did led to the Satyagraha. Gandhis purpose was to free the people in a peaceful and nonviolent way. His vision was an independent India that promoted equality, and freewill. He saw the process, and was not blinded by the obstacles in the way. Gandhis goal was liberty and harmonious sovereignty.

Did he win? You can see it both ways. No, the country divided into two and is still at war in the Kashmir today. The British left India a devastation of famine and disease that is known world round. Or, yes, everyone in the world knows about his struggle, his teachings, and his legacy. He is a name that is so commonly referred to in talks of peace or self-righteousness that one can now call a struggle for rights or freedoms Gandhism. Gandhis life is forever etched into the spirit and soul of the people he touched; he is still touching them today. I believe that Gandhi did achieve his goal. The more people learn of his saintly existence the more followers he has. To be able to influence and guide people over fifty years after your death is a success in itself. To me Gandhi will forever be an undisputed idol of teamwork, leadership, and faith.

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