A Biography and Life Work of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, an Indian Philosopher


Have you ever heard of an 80 lb. Man gaining independence for a country? Mohandus Gandhi had some good ideas on a perfect life. I agree with most of Gandhi’s beliefs on what a good life should be. I believe in his idea of how people should live with one and other, the priorities of life, the role of religion, and how problems should be solved. He has a great start on what could be a somewhat of a bible of life. He did this by describing in great detail what he should do to live in harmony.

Gandhi believes in the role of religion very positively and very strongly. He says that you should pray and worship as often as possible. He says you need to follow the rules of Hindu religion. If you are a Hindu you must wear the clothes that are homespun. When he was fasting and protesting he spent a lot of time spinning his own clothes. I like his idea of religion. Even though he is a Hindu he still respects the beliefs of other religions. Gandhi was a Hindu, but he practices beliefs of other religions such as Christianity, Islamic, Buddhism, Muslim, and many more. He liked the Christian idea of how you should love your enemies. Many of Gandhi’s followers did not like him talking to Muslims. Overall I think that his idea on religion is a great idea. I totally agree with him.

There are many priorities of life that Gandhi thinks is important. He believes that the most important thing is having respect for others, don’t judge people, and that people should have as much freedom as possible. His Hindu beliefs helped him to see this way. He also doesn’t agree on some Hindu beliefs though, such as untouchables or the whole caste thing. Another priority isn’t creating violence, live in peace by not fighting with each other and killing people. I think those are some of the great ideas he had. I agree on all of them.

Gandhi believed that we should be able to live with one another in peace. It shouldn’t matter where you are from or what you believe in. He was a Hindi but did not believe in the caste system. He thought that everyone should do his or her equal share of everything. Like, when he was spinning his own clothes. In the caste system he would not have to do that. People should have to live with each other without fighting. When Gandhi made his assuram, he purposely put all religions in it to show that they could work equally, and get along with each other. I thought that it was a very good idea. Gandhi had a good start on how people should live together.

Gandhi had numerous ideas on how problems should be solved. But the main ones were nonviolence and noncooperation. Sadly, not very many people look at this method as a logical problem solver. When Gandhi became more famous his ideas was getting through to people. A great example of his teaching of nonviolence and noncooperation was the Dharasana Salt Works. The Indians all lined up in rows. They walked towards the front gates trying to get in. The British would hit them on the head with sticks. The Dharasana Salt Works went on for a long time. Not one British soldier was hurt by an Indian. So the British looked like the “Bad Guy”, once again. And when the British put a tax on the salt and said they couldn’t make their own clothes, Gandhi did the opposite. They marched to the Indian Ocean, making there own clothes and going to make salt. His idea on noncooperation and nonviolence was a genius one, it helped gain independence for India.

I really do believe that it could work in some of the events in today’s world. I think his methods will solve a lot of problems, stop a lot of fighting, help people get along better, and create religious bonds between some countries like some of the struggling middle eastern areas. Mahatma Gandhi had a very fulfilling and interesting life as I can see. He played a huge part in the recreation of his homeland, India. He was a legend in his own time. And every great peace leader respects him for that.

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